Located in Port Coquitlam, Concorde's facilities allows for the storage, design and fabrication of materials including steel brackets and aluminum structures. With the highly vast experience of employees, Concorde is able to offer their clients in-house fabrication of materials through the use of miter saws, punches, copy routers, welders, table saws and more.

Concorde Glazing was established in 1997 by partners Bruce Helmer and the late Ron Zinger. Together they brought over 50 years combined experience both having commenced their trades in smaller more intimate glass companies while also being active members in the glaziers union gaining industry experience with a vast array of businesses in both commercial and residential work.

After a strong 3 year partnership and prosperous business model, in 2000 Bruce Helmer and Ron Zinger made the decision to focus on individual goals and dissolve their business partnership. Ron Zinger progressed forward in establishing his own independent labor business until sadly succumbing to his hard work and dedication in the year 2007.

Bruce Helmer continued to own and manage the Concorde Glazing establishment and in 2001 established a new partnership with David Balshaw, owner/operator of Whisper Installation a local and established independent Glazing company. The partnership flourished with the strong integration of manpower, equipment and knowledge in the Glazing industry. After 5 years of combined business efforts, Bruce and David made the decision to incorporate the two companies forming Concorde Glazing Systems (2006) Ltd. Their new business model and strategy would allow for a more united front and the ability to provide a more enhanced glazing solution to their clients.

With now over 65 years of combined experience Concorde Glazing Systems (2006) Ltd. employs 23 employees and has delivered successfully on contracts of up to $4.3M. They continue to grow their revenue and customer base annually and have built a reputation in the industry to be a solid business that brings high levels of professionalism, integrity and exceptional customer experience to their customers - qualities that seem to be rare in businesses today.

Bruce and David also continue to keep on top of new technology and equipment to ensure their clients are receiving state of the art equipment for their installation requirements. A recently new and welcomed addition to the Concorde family is the Ergonomic Glass Handler. This machine is an electric and hydraulic machine that it used to pick up, carry and install large pieces of glass or anything with a smooth surface. It has the capacity to lift up to 800lbs and raise it to approximately 20' in height. Its advanced design allows for full manipulation of movement should it be in or out, up or down, side to side, tilt, rotate or side shift. This modern equipment not only allows for a more efficient installation, it is highly regarded for its ability to also promote a safer installation process for the installers. Concorde is extremely excited to have implemented this new equipment in 2009 and has been successfully using it on projects requiring the handling of large units of glass. If you are interested in learning more on how your installation needs may benefit from this latest technology, please feel free to contact Bruce and/or David for more information.

Inspired by their shared values and strength of their proven business model, Concorde aims to remain at the forefront of the glazing industry to create long-term value for their customers, team members and the communities they serve.